Winter Retreat

Snow days in the South are a beautiful of diversion.  I love living far enough  from the equator to have four seasons but really am thankful that snow/ice days don't last long.  When the temperature falls and the roads start to cover, life as we know it changes pace.  There are so many possibilities of what to do when everyone is home and the daily routine has changed.  I guess the best thing to do would be to clean out closets and drawers and catch up on things often left undone in the day to day of life when there isn't snow and ice on the ground.  But what I did instead:
  • Walked around in in my goose down, because if I got on sled at my age I would never get up and I am not into walking up a hill just to slide down it and possibly take off a body part
  •  Made cookies, soup, banana bread, and cooked a big supper with risotto on the menu (what else do you have to do; might as well stir rice)
  •  Played games with friends even when the game is pointless (bananagrams--what is the point?) 
  •  Put a 1000 piece puzzle together that you bought for $5 two years ago with the most unlikely people (that would be Bear!)  The odd thing about our puzzle was that instead of missing a piece we had an extra one!
  • Stood in wonder at the shadows cast on the snow from a cloudless sky with a full moon.
  •  Remembered the goodness of the Lord on a few days rearranged by weather that refocused our lives from its demands to its blessings!
Thankful for the snow days and thankful for the sunshine that is melting it today. Forecast 55 degrees by Wednesday!


  1. I miss you! Love the picture of you and your man. I wish I was there to stir rice w/ you!


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