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Taste and See: When Famine Takes Hold of the Land of Plenty

I started reading from my Bible again — the Big Blue — I call it. I received it as a gift from my sister-in-law in the year 2000. Let me be clear: I haven't stopped reading the Bible. I had gotten into a habit of only reading on my computer. So here’s a bit of a confession: I needed to get my face out from in front of a screen so I've picked up my big leather Bible again. In the margins and in underlines, the Big Blue records the history of my life interacting with God’s Word—-at least, the last 19 years with Him. It is the book that has formed my life and continues to do so.

Before 8:00 this morning, I had a marinara sauce simmering on the stove. It’ll cook for most of the day. I could have opened a jar of store-bought sauce and taken a shortcut to the lasagna I’ll make later, but I have come to understand the value of slowing, of living without haste. Cooking homemade marinara is a good metaphor for how God’s Word has transformed me over the years. Early in the day, I set its…

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