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Shelly Miller---My Friend and Our Sabbath Girl

Photo credit: LuAnn Nystrom, Long House, Oct 2020 In a beautiful social media tribute, Jennifer Lee caught my breath when she called our friend Shelly, “our Sabbath Girl.” It was a fitting description of a friend to many, a writer, and beauty seeker---A Sabbath-keeper. It’s been seven years since our Sabbath Girl took God up on his call to lead others into the spiritual discipline of practicing Sabbath. Shelly experienced the ultimate rest of God, the Sabbath in all its fullness on a Sunday, a fitting day it seems to me, All Saint’s Day, the first of November. Shelly and I began studying the book of Isaiah back in the summer. When pressing matters like book editing and book launching demanded her focus, she needed to set her study book aside. Besides her writing work, Shelly was recovering from major surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her abdomen. I pressed on, sharing insights from time to time as was usual in our long-distance friendship. Every morning as I sit with the final c

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