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Why Pray when God Already Knows What We Need?

Father God, 
who brought heaven down to us
and whose reputation is spotless, 
we offer you our whole hearts. 
May you accomplish your will in and through us
in our time and in our places here upon the earth.
Give us what we need for this day so we are nourished and sustained.
Forgive us our sins for too often we stumble along life’s path. 
Because you forgive freely, we commit to forgiving others 
knowing they too stumble in the similar ways.
We ask you, Lord, to protect us from the enemy’s schemes
and from temptations that could turn us away from your glorious purpose.
You spoke and everything that is came into existence.
You are committed to holding all things together through your power and might.
Always and forever, You alone are worthy of worship.
Oh God, who is Light and Love, receive our prayer. 
Let it be so.

The Bible says in in Matthew 6:8 that God knows what we need before we ask Him. That very fact is enough to keep many people from asking God for anything. 
If we look at the verse in conte…

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