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How to Practice Your Way Along the Path of Life

Dane wears a ponytail and holds a guitar. He has a gentle way about him. From his place behind the microphone, he leads our fellowship in worship, reminding us often what worship is. Worship involves two acts: recognizing and responding to God.  It is more than singing. It is a way of living, our primary calling.

I once saw Sunday as the end of the week. It seemed the calendar had it wrong. It didn’t feel like a beginning until I began practicing Sabbath rest on Saturdays.

I’m not a legalistic Sabbath-keeper. I don’t prepare food ahead or have a list of things I don’t do on the Sabbath. Sabbath for me is a heart condition. Like worship, it is an act of recognition that God doesn’t need me to help him keep the world spinning—on Saturdays or any other day. Declaring and living in the truth of the Sabbath positions my heart toward worship and surrender as I begin again on Sunday. I lay aside what entangles so I can run my race.

Both worship and Sabbath-keeping are practices that have and co…

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