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The End of Hope Deferred: How God Used My One Words in Ways I Hadn't Expected

“True worship places us in the position to put wonderful words, thought, images and practices in our minds and bodies that demonstrate or manifest the truth and goodness of God and his Kingdom.” 
When I read the above quote in a book titled, Preparing for Heaven written by Gary Black, I sensed in my spirit that the word “worship” might be my One Word for 2018. I can’t imagine any more appropriate response to what I have experienced in the last year. It was at that time I began to experience the reality of the breakthrough God had orchestrated for me a month earlier. I sensed Him leading me to the word “metabolize” as my word for 2017. I didn’t understand how He would work in my life to feed me in the depths and to help me assimilate more and more knowledge about who God is and how he desires for me to live with Him now and into eternity. So worship is my new word. I am humbled.
Even though God has been with me all of my life, it wasn’t until this past year that I was able to grasp more …

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