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When Your Perfect Plan Doesn’t Pan Out – and Why That Might Be a Good Thing

The following is adapted from Jennifer Lee's new book, It's All Under Control. It's releasing tomorrow. Many of her blogging friends are helping her get the word out. I have followed Jennifer's blog for years and have come to know her heart. Recently, I spoke to Jennifer about this book on the phone. One of the things I encouraged her to do was to speak from her place when she considered locations for the video shoots that accompany the Bible study (releasing tomorrow as well.) She wakes up in the morning and looks out the window to fields growing corn and soy beans from seeds her man put in the ground. Her place in the world is a part of who she is and her readers love to connect to her life on her Iowa farm. 

When I read these words about our plans vs. God's plan, I thought back to how I deliberately did not take any home economics classes when I was in high school because "I will NEVER ever be a stay at home mom." God had other plans. I've been give…

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