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The Long, Ordinary, and Sometimes Devastating Path to the Room of Love

It was late when Jeff walked in the door. Five new babies in the nursery meant there was a lot of work for him at the hospital after he finished at the clinic. I had supper waiting. We sat down in the kitchen and ate before changing into our tennis shoes for a walk. Thunder rumbled in the east.

The storms were moving in an unusual direction. Years of experience at watching clouds told us it would probably “peter out” before it got to us. It was difficult to judge. The setting sun threw a rainbow across the sky as we took off in the direction of God’s promise. We'd walked about a mile when lightning struck far to the north. I teased Jeff that we should hold hands, just in case. If one of us was struck, at least we’d go together.

Last week, we experienced one of the hardest things. Our fourth grandchild, a perfect little jewel named Emma Kate was born into this world too early. She passed into the arms of Jesus just before she was born. The doctor handed the precious baby to her gran…

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