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When You Hike Up Mountains and Check Out of your Comfort Zone

Jeff and I stayed in four different mountain inns on our trip to Switzerland. The other inns were in small towns with accommodations more in line with what we expect from hotels. Three-star accommodations in Switzerland aren’t fancy, but they are clean, comfortable, and quaint. Most of our hotels were booked with “half board” which means they included a prixe fix dinner meal as well as breakfast. Since we aren’t picky eaters and I love surprises, this was great for me. Two of the mountain inns became favorites. Both were in incredible locations off the beaten path.

Three days into our trip, our itinerary took us up to the Berghotel Obersteinberg. The mountain inn, hostel, and nearby working dairy farm are only accessible by foot. Our destination, perched on the side of a mountain, gave us stunning views of snow-covered peaks, including the Jungfrau, the tallest peak in the Swiss Alps. Across the valley, the giant Schmadribach Waterfall cascaded over a granite rock wall thundering towa…

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