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What does Doubt have to do with Fear and Anxiety?

We usually think of doubt as a way to describe unbelief, but the ancient etymology of the word included being “fearful.” Doubt describes the emotion connected to uncertainty. 

The persistent anxiousness churning in the world right now is, for most of us, not the emotion of fear that comes from a real threat; it is the pervasive sense of being in a world that is not safe. We fear what we cannot know. We doubt our ability to handle situations beyond our control. With so much misinformation swirling around, a sense of being secure, even in Jesus and his kingdom, has proven to be a challenge for Christians.

A few weeks ago on the days leading up to Easter, I found myself thinking about how many Christians (me!!) have trouble relating to Jesus after the resurrection. People who knew Jesus well didn’t recognize him after he rose from the grave. Mary Magdalene thought he was the gardener. The disciples on the road were clueless until he sat with them for supper. One day the disciples were walk…

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