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What I Know about Wrestling with Regret and Winning

Last week Jeff and I drove over to the college to exercise. We wanted a change from our usual path around the neighborhood. We're walking and climbing bleachers to prepare for our next hiking adventure. I was shivering under my hoodie and we weren’t talking much because of the wind. It’s April and the azaleas are blooming though they’ve been timid with the cooler than normal weather we’ve been having. We noticed as we walked by the school under construction, the work is nearing completion. The concrete curbs have been poured and the ground is being groomed for paving. 

We are nearing a completion of our own, the project of our lives together. Luke will be married at the end of the week, our third and last child will fly forever. Our parenting duties are ending. I mentioned this plain fact to Jeff as the sun slid out of sight. 

His acknowledgment of our present transition came as a question, “Do you have any regrets?”

“Of course, I do,” I said, “but I’ve been processing them.” He wasn…

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