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Living in the Kingdom: On the Narrow Way

It’s been a year since Jeff and I returned from Switzerland. It was our second inn-to-inn hiking adventure. We are captivated by the beauty of the Alps. You might remember reading about how we got out of our comfort zoneby staying at the Hotel Obersteinberg. The inn sits on the side of a mountain in a less-traveled area of the Lauterbrurren valley. Author J.R.R. Tolkien found inspiration for Middle Earth when he visited the beautiful valley, arguably one of the most stunning places in the Swiss Alps. 

We loved our candle-lit stay at the Obersteinberg, but it was our hike the next day that remains vivid in my memories. It was a stunning day, the kind that etches into the memory because it was so extraordinary.

Before blowing out the light, we consulted our instructions for the next day's hike. There were options. The detailed guide gave a clear warning concerning the trek from the mountain inn to Murren, our next stop. If there was a threat of rain in the forecast or if fog obscured …

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