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Life, Life, Life -- Lessons from My Mentor on Living a Bee's Life

"A bee comforted me very much this morning concerning the desultoriness that troubles me in our work. There seems so infinitely much to be done, that nothing gets done thoroughly... we seem only to touch souls and leave them. And that was what the bee was doing, figuratively speaking. He was hovering among some blackberry sprays, just touching the flowers here and there in a very tentative way, yet all unconsciously, life-life-life was left behind at every touch, as the miracle-working pollen grains were transferred to the place where they could set the unseen spring working. We have only to see to it that we are surcharged, like the bees, with potential life. It is God and His eternity that will do the work." - Lilias Trotter

Lilias Trotter is one of my mentors. I stumbled onto a biography about her life a few of years ago. I had seen Lilias'  quoted and moved a quote over to a search engine box to learn more. That's when I learned about her life and began reading A …

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