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Bread from the Bible: A little more than a Meme

I’m thinking we need an Ezra moment in America. My morning devotions have been from the book of Nehemiah. Israel’s walls were broken and needed rebuilding. The story of how that happened is really a miracle story and a story that has provided Christians throughout the centuries with principles for rebuilding what is broken. This week I got to the part in the story where Ezra steps out into the street and opens up the Word of God. The hammers stopped and the Priest Ezra read the Story of God aloud. The people stood there all day and listened. At the end of the reading, they wept.

They were convicted and sorrowful at how they had forgotten what God had done for them. They grieved that they and their ancestors had chosen to turn aside from the God who loved them. They realized as a people that they had chosen the destruction of the holy city and the enslavement of their people because they had spurned God’s word given to them by the prophets. They had turned aside to their own ways. They …

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