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Grief, Grandbabies, and the Gift of Life

It’s been easy to be sad in 2020. As the pandemic set upon the earth along with political and social upheaval, sadness invited herself into our lives. I’ve been experiencing a depth of grief like I’ve never known. It began before the pandemic, before my dad passed into heaven, before my mother and step-dad needed full time care, before my friend was diagnosed with cancer to slip behind the veil within the year.  My season of grief began in 2019 just days before Mother’s Day when I held my granddaughter whose spirit had just departed this earth. I cradled her in the crook of my elbow and marveled at her beauty. She seemed almost weightless—-twenty weeks of perfection though her lungs could not breath earth’s air. The grief of not really knowing Emma Kate and the grief of watching my son and daughter-in-law grieve was a heartache like no other I had known. The compounded losses that accrued over months required digging deep. It meant sitting long with God’s Word---and believing it. As I

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