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Walking in the Clouds, Feeling Small, And Stumbling

Trekking through the Alps on a two-week inn-to-inn hiking trip doesn’t sound restorative to many people. Who goes on vacation to wear themselves out? 

Apparently, we do.

When Jeff and I thought about a vacation trip earlier in the year, we thought we would go somewhere we’ve never been. The more we talked about it, the less enthusiastic we got about encountering the learning curve that comes with traveling to a new destination and learning to navigate the unknown. As we reminisced about the trip we took to Switzerland two years ago, we decided to give it another go. The weather had prevented us from attempting either of the high passes scheduled on that trip. The weather would be beyond our control, but we could buy bus and train tickets to the next destination if necessary. Rain or shine, the beauty of the spectacular mountains would be there in all their glory. We contacted Alpinehikers and scheduled our trip.

We got our feet under us the first day of hiking on a short four-hour hike t…

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