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Sitting---and Standing with Peter (A Transformational Journey)

“Spiritual transformation is the process by which Christ is formed in us—for the glory of God, for the abundance of our own lives and for the sake of others…” (Ruth Haley Barton)
We are always being formed---either by the culture or by God as we submit to him. Romans 12:1-2 are seminal verses in the Bible. Paul instructs Christians to enter into the process of transformation. Our minds will be conformed either to world or to Christ depending on where we focus our attention. We will be formed---either transformed, conformed, or deformed.
I admit that most my spiritual growth began later in my life. In the past few years I’ve been on the learning curve. I wasn't ready for what God had for me concerning his heart until I had lived awhile. No doubt, I will always be on the journey.
The Apostle Peter was on the learning curve too. Jesus spoke candidly to Peter before his ascension into heaven: Tend My Sheep, Shepherd My Sheep, and Follow Me (John 21:14-17;19) all the while asking his frie…

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