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A Smallish Life-- Beside the Sea and Under the Stars

Jeff and I took Annie and the girls to the beach in September. Hurricane Irma was barreling through the Atlantic headed to Florida. We drove south through lower Alabama toward the panhandle as traffic streamed northward.

A few days later, the bulk of the storm moved east. The gulf waters were stirred by the storm, but we only got a few bands of rain and one very windy day. From our place on the shore, we watched the clouds gather and leave.

We've heard it over and over, people who say they feel small when they stand beside the sea. The thing is those same people say it is beside the sea that they are in their happy place. Isn't that odd? With a few exceptions, we welcome that sense of smallness we feel on this planet we call earth. Many of us feel most alive when creation stretches out before us---when we are lost in its wonder.

One night after dinner, we stepped out on the deck. The sun had set and families were on the beach with flashlights. Santa Rosa Beach limits light pollut…

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