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Hormones, Kites, and Letting Go of the Need to Control

I endure winters. It’s not my season. I long to live in the light. I need sunshine to slip through my eyes so my brain kicks up my serotonin levels. Whether we like it or not, part of what makes us who we are has to do with hormones. Doctors don’t know why exactly, but sunlight boosts this mood-enhancing hormone level. On sunny winter days, you'll find me outside.

It was Saturday, and the sun was shining. The girls texted to say they wanted to ride their horse. “Come on,” I replied. I was on the back porch, stepping into my rubber boots.

Jeff and I saddled Classy (or Lux— long story) and had her ready to go when the girls got out to the farm. Naomi and I stood outside the gate while Liv rode. She noticed how the light was changing from dark to light in the big hayfield to the north. It was beautiful, mesmerizing. A cold breeze, steady from the northwest, swept the shadows of puffy clouds across the golden field.

“Dandy, the wind is good for flying kites, don’t you think?” She knows I…

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