This World is Not My Home

Most people probably don't know the song that is the title of my blog today. We sang it a lot when I was growing up in the little country church where we sang from the shape-note hymnal. My Grandma sang it when she rocked me.
This world is not my home, I'm just a passin' through.  My treasures are laid somewhere beyond the blue; the angels beckon me from heaven's open door and I don't feel at home in this world anymore.
Since last week's earthquake in Haiti, I have been following the Livesay [Haiti] Blog (  It is the daily happenings of a couple who are missionaries with a smaller Christian ministry on the island nation. Since I stumbled upon it, I have read the incredible story of this dedicated couple as they have ministered to the Haitians since the disaster hit last week. Their home has turned into a hospital. Troy "tweets" while he's out working and Tara fills in the days events on the blog.  I think it helps her deal with the incredible situation and it lets those who love them and those who don't know them, know what they are doing. The blog lets those who read it know how to pray.

Today, Tara ended her daily post with the following:
Our house is set up with room to sleep 20+ when I get home at night I have no idea who might be there. Different people have been sleeping over each night. At one time a few years back I could not deal with little messes without getting all uppity and cleaning it up instantly. Today I have friends and strangers in and out of my house and the place is totally unorganized -- crap everywhere ... but it is not bothering me yet. I let go of all of that need for perfect order and we're getting by without it. Hoping that will be true a week from now too.
Last night Troy walked in very late and one of our guests said, "Hi who are you and why are you here?" Wearily Troy said, "Well, I am Troy and I live here." :) The guest said, "Well then - make yourself at home." It's a little bit crazy. But we're still laughing.

I think there is a living lesson for Christians in Troy and Tara's new perspectives of what home is. Yes,  our homes are where we lay our heads but they aren't where are treasures are laid up. Thank you Troy and Tara for making your home a hotel and a hospital, a place for friends and strangers.  So many treasures you are laying "up somewhere beyond the blue."


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