A Momma's Heart

This morning I just want to thank God for allowing me to be a mom. I named my first born Andrea; we call her Annie. My second born we named Jared; we call him Bear. My baby boy is Luke and the name stuck. They are all just really cool people.

Sometimes I forget that Annie got married last May. Yes, I know it but my heart forgets. I was listening to my music on my Shuffle the other day and an instrumental piece, "Carol Ann," that Annie must have played on the piano a million times began to play in my ears. It shocked me that instantly tears began to fall from my eyes, and it wasn't because I was sad, it was because I was grateful.  How blessed to have the privilege to raise a little girl to womanhood and then see her flap her wings and take off with that big hairy boy of hers. One that I love. He's great and I see them enjoying one another and I thank God for the boy I prayed for so long ago that now takes care of my baby girl.

And then there is "Number Two" my little man of integrity and grit, who gutted it out as the smallest one on the field but with the biggest heart.  He may not always do the right thing, but he wants to. I love that "want to" in him. He works hard and lives and loves with passion that he wears so comfortably. I think that is unique for a man--and he is a man now as much as I hate to admit it. He is getting his education, working a job, and paying off a truck. He blesses his parents even though he can be a little loud!

And then there is my baby, Luke. We tried to give him a nickname so he wouldn't feel left out. What he doesn't realize is that we didn't intend to give his sibs nicknames. It just happened. So I guess that Luke just suits him. His sister and brother helped name him and they liked that Luke was a doctor in the Bible like their daddy. And then we decided to put Jeffrey with Luke--Luke Jeffrey. And incredibly God gave us a child that is the spitting image of his namesake, his Dad.  Brilliant, funny, and flat-footed. Oh, how I love him and oh, how I dread the weeks to come when he takes the test for his driver's permit!

Yesterday, he learned a life lesson.  You make good grades when you study!!! Who would have thought-- 100 % on a nine-week math test. A miracle!! High fives all around. Luke loves getting out in the woods or on a river just like his dad.  Too bad he can't beat me at fishing.

Thank you God for a blessed life. How often do I forget to thank you for it, to revel in the wonders of the life that I live. I know you placed me here and allowed me this privilege of parenting these wonderful people in a grand kingdom purpose that only you know the impact for generations to come.  Thank you. I am humbled and so very grateful. Forgive me for taking any of the joys or the pains for granted for you have shaped a family for your purposes. Keep doing it, Lord. To your glory.


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