Thank You Momma

Thank you Momma---

For Giving Me Life,

For loving me unconditionally,

For making expert Chicken and Dumplings,

For loving to fish even when you can't swim,

For being an awesome grandmother to my kids

and a great great-grandmother to Naomi and

For loving my husband like your son.

Thank you

For never quitting on anybody

and working hard

and creating beauty with your hands.

For letting us play ball

and ride horses

For not killing us when we backed your new car into a tree.

For playing whiffle ball with us and

For forgiving us for laughing when you fell running to first.

Thank you for meals and laundry and hemming lots of pants,

For taking us camping and making us be Girl Scouts.

Thank you for singing and loving Jesus.

You are beautiful.

And when I grow up

 I want to be just like you. 


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