Simply Unorganized

I saw on the side bar of A Holy Experience that the e-book Organized Simplicity by
Tsh Oxenreider was free at an online bookstore. I downloaded it into my reader but I haven’t opened it yet---if opening is what you do with an e-book.

You know I should really study more about technology. I have to admit that I had to think a second before I could think about what the “e” stood for in the newly hyphenated word “e-book.”

And this blog…I know, I know. But the problem is I don’t know. I wrote my 100th blog post last week and it is a miracle that I haven't lost the whole thing messing with settings about which I know nothing. I thought I would never figure out how to resize a picture the first time I put one on a page. There I go getting off subject...

I am really drawn to the word "simple" but I am suspicious about it. It seems to me that nothing really is simple. To me the words “organized” and “simplicity” in a book title creates an oxymoron. 

I do love oxymorons, especially when I can get everyone involved digging them from our memory banks on a road trip. I have to catch my travel companions in the right mood so it rarely happens.

Now this is not a book review because, like I said, I haven’t opened it yet. Life has been busy for me, running at a pace just beyond where I function well. That translates to stress and a meltdown on my husband. Bless his heart, why does he always ask just as we turn out the light?!

It is frustrating to be unorganized. I showed up for my Bible study class on Monday night without my Bible! And what’s worse is----I am the teacher. I had to go to the pile of "left Bibles" at the church and look for a translation and text size I could read.

Today, I gathered things for my next journey into the world. I leave in two weeks to travel to Eastern Europe to teach conversational English and to build new friendships with those who are studying my language. They have words and grammar but many will never have had the opportunity to practice with someone with English as their first language. For most of them, it will be their third or fourth language.

So this grandmother, mom, and somewhat unorganized person is trying to get it together so I can be the best teacher possible for the people I will spend two weeks teaching. One good note is this teacher is from the South, where naturally, we talk a little slower. I hope the students will appreciate that, but maybe they would rather have someone with a Australian accent. I wouldn’t blame them. I will try to leave out the "fixn' to" verb form.

Seriously, my plan is to have all those lessons ready and organized so that every minute I am there will matter. There is something very simple about that truth-wanting what we do to matter. 

Isn’t that what we want when we finish this race, to have made a difference, to have lived a life that matters?

I have until the middle of February to pray about opening that e-book and taking seriously getting organized and finding simplicity in my life. I want those things, but that challenge is going to have to wait until I can get a few things in order.

Just to let you know, I wrote this quite unorganized blog entry sitting in front of a fire out on the back porch. It’s the first time I have sat down today since early this morning when I sat with the Savior---and it has been simply divine.

 For our boast is this, the testimony of our conscience, that we behaved in the world with simplicity and godly sincerity, not by earthly wisdom but by the grace of God...
(2 Corinthians 1:12)
Just a note: I did consider the word "disorganized" but opted with the prefix "un." I just couldn't bring myself to "dis" myself until I get this straightened out.


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