Real or Relevant

Real doesn’t always work in this world. Relevant is a good alternative. It reaches a wider audience---isn’t offensive. We pick and choose where relevance works. At least for me, surfing around the Christian blogging world, it isn’t that hard to find people who have something to say that is relevant to my life.

The problem that I struggle with is whether this relevance among those who are like me makes a difference in the world that God sent me to minister the gospel of grace.

As Christian bloggers, we are all “Amening” one another.

Yes, there are some that challenge, broach the topic of infidelity or abortion, but mostly we are talking about things that the world wouldn’t get---would probably scoff at if they were to read around the communities.

The truth is I choose relevance over real so I can fit in. What am I losing of myself when I do that?

Just trying to keep it real.

Writing on the Five Minute Word prompt: Relevant


  1. Was thinking about this same thing this week. Who are we really reaching with our words, more of the same? Thanks for being honest, I enjoyed your post.

  2. Is it hard to find a mesh of real and relevant do you think? And I think it does make a difference! If we're ready to serve, He'll use us to minister right where we are! Great post!

  3. Thank you Dea for your comment. I've not kept up with a weekly meme for a long time, so it's taken me a while to get back into it. I like your post and I can relate to it very much. Praise YHVH for a time set apart to write for 5 minutes and meet others. Thank you again.



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