Beyond our Means to our Dreams

When Jeff and I married just over twenty-five years ago it was beyond our means to have much of a honeymoon. We did get away to a cabin for a few days and went to an amusement park. We dressed up in old-fashioned wedding garb for a tin picture at the park. We came home because we ran out of money.

“Someday we’ll go on a big trip---maybe on our 25th anniversary,” my love promised.

So we did it! Twenty-five years later, we boarded an airplane and took off to Paris. We spent ten days in France and it was beyond what I could have ever imagined when I was twenty-three.

I went with low expectations because I thought that would be wise and came away thrilled.

In fact, my life has been more than I imagined---beyond what I could have ever dreamed.


  1. you have just lived my dream, I really wanted to see Europe with my husband the following summer after we married, a baby and my Mother's funeral stopped that, now I wait for beyond, which will be in 7 yrs lots of time to save for it, beautiful picture by the way

  2. Years ago, my husband won a trip to Paris. We traded it for a trip to the Bahamas. And while I am a bit fan of the wonderfulness that is the Bahamas, I'm still dreaming of a trip to Paris. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images this morning.

  3. Dea, Good for you for doing something you always said you would do! The memories will last for a lifetime. Beautiful pictures!


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