To Life

The sun set as the moon rose.
The exchange much needed in
these groundhog days
we’ve been living.
The world is still turning and
we aren’t stuck.
It’s easy to get tunnel vision
and believe
the world we are living in
is all that exists.
By God’s grace,
we have our memories.
They remind us of life beyond
infusion cubicles and
yogurt before meds.
The imagination still awakens
in beautiful dreams,
rising and setting
on the horizon.
the masking wearing community
of life-seekers in the now;
a cocktail of hope,
sometimes hard to swallow,
a drink to life.

Dad is eleven days out from his stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, most of the patient population at the treatment center is suffering with respiratory viruses, including Dad. He is turning the corner as his blood counts are beginning to recover. We are grateful though the realities of the days of coming and going for treatment continues on a seven day a week schedule is excepted to continue for days to come.

Thank you for your prayers. Much love, Dea


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