Emily Wierenga, Kate Middleton, and Me

Emily T. Wierenga is an accomplished writer and author of four books. She is also a talented artist. Emily lives in Canada. I stumbled onto her blog through the Thursday link-up she hosts for bloggers called "Imperfect Prose."

Emily writes passionately on her blog about her family, her role as a wife and mother, and with compassion and empathy for those suffering from issues related to body image (and those that love them.) She also writes about issues that are relevant to the culture at large. I never read Emily’s words without having to stop and consider what she has spilled onto the page (or onto the screen.) She always challenges me to stand in truth or to at least consider where I stand. She is a gifted writer who uses the power of story and God-given insight to inspire her readers.

Her recent blog,  “A Letter to Kate Middleton on the Postpartum Body” addressed the negative comments directed toward beautiful Kate’s “mummy tummy” when she introduced the new little prince to the world a couple of weeks ago. In that blog, she quoted from her book, Mom in the Mirror. Thousands of people read that post, and I am hoping that by some wonder, Kate did too.

I am inspired by Emily’s passion about what moms see when they look into their mirrors, even those of us whose babies have grown out from under us. I wrote my own post about the mom I see in the mirror, one considerably further down the road as a mother than Emily and Kate.

Emily is graciously featuring me as guest writer on her blog today. You may have read the post on this blog, but in case you haven’t, will you join me at Emily’s place?

It will bless me so much to see you in the comments over there…

Just hit the link here to find out how I looked in the mirror one morning saw a woman whose calling in life has often found her bearing down with others in the midst of pain, a person I call a Mid-wife to Hope. It's a calling I share with many...


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