A Good Tired

My heart friend wore two shoes out in the public one day.
That cracks me up!
This summer I went to see her. I call her my heart friend. We lived in the same city for only a year. After we moved back home, we kept in touch through snail mail, and occasional phone calls and a few visits.

These days we can catch up on facebook, emails and still the occasional call----- now with no long distance fees on the phone bill. It is a blessing keeping up a long-distance friendship for twenty plus years. Still, it is not the same as sitting together, looking into each other’s eyes, listening to her voice, and hearing her sweet laughter.

This past summer I drove the six hours to spend a couple of days with her. Despite the lack of face time we have had, there was no fear that our time together would be spent getting to know her again. There was only anticipation. I wasn't disappointed.

We stayed up very late and talked into the night. You would have thought we were teenagers instead of grandmothers!

She listened and asked me questions no one else asks. I asked her a few questions of my own? And her answers were founded in Truth woven through her words, wisdom into my life. Deep into the night we talked until we could hardly hold our eyes open.

What a gift, what a blessing, what a friend.

The two days passed too quickly. When I left, I was tired-----but it was a very good tired.


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