Shopping with Bertha

Many of the people who saw me today probably thought, if even to themselves,
"I am glad that I don’t know her.”

This morning I drove to the big airport two hours away so my babies could fly to see their cousins without having to put a second mortgage on their house.

While in the city, I decided I would do a little Christmas shopping for my grandbaby’s first Christmas.

I found a giant Teddy Bear. The lady who checked me out at the store was concerned as to whether or not I could get it in the car. I told her, “No worries, I’ll put it in the front seat and belt her in.” She didn’t believe I would do it. I did.

Let’s just say, if you were ranking teddy bear sizes, you would have to add a few X’s before the word “Large.”

As we puttered around in the city, I learned her name is Bertha. Although she smiles nicely---all the time---Bertha did startle a lady I pulled up next to at the Williams Sonoma Outlet.

I laughed out loud, but I think the lady was thinking that I needed to grow up! I thought she needed to lighten up----the lady, not Bertha.

I love my friends but I wouldn’t ask them to leave at six in the morning to go on the airport drop-off-slash-shopping trip. Instead, I had a fun day shopping for deals with Bertha! She held my purse for me on the way home. Such a doll!

Five Minute Friday’s are good for me. They keep me from mulling over something I have written for days. There are times I need to be doing that--mulling over my words.But on Fridays, God always brings out little parts of the "real" me in my writing. A few weeks ago it was picking my baby up from school for the last time, another week it was an unexpected event at Bible Study with the ladies that I love, and then today, this silly side of me that I needto let out a little more often.

Thanks Lisa-Jo for the prompt. It truly is a blessing.


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