Helplessness, the Blessed Gift

So much wonder wrapped up in soft little baby skin--a helpless baby that tears your heart open with love. How little we know of the greatness of God's love until He sends us the miracle that enters our world. Without hesitating, we place every bit of our love in that a little one, unconditionally.

Soon this little one will demand to be fed and changed. She will throw little fits to have her needs met, to communicate there is something that she needs that she can't do for herself. And her Momma and Daddy will hop up to sooth her, to fill her tummy, change her diaper, hold her.

What a wonder that God brings us into the world so helpless and then tells us through his Son Jesus that to enter the kingdom of God we must enter as a child totally dependent upon the Savior for our salvation, for life eternal.

We cry out, helpless. God who made us comes and picks us up and holds us---the unseen everlasting arms stretched out to meet us right where we are. Our Father loves us. Oh, how He loves us.


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