How Deep the Father's Love for Us

Every Good Friday, I meditate on the day Jesus gave His life for us, I am stunned that it was the plan of the Father.  I am undone by the thought of the pain that Love wrought on the God-head that day.
  • It was Love that cast man out of the garden so they would not fall into the temptation of eating from the Tree of Life and be forever condemned to life as sinners, separated from God and without Hope.
  • It was Love that gave the "promised Seed" to Abraham, the faithful one who believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness.
  • It was Love that called out through the prophets the coming of the Savior who would carry take away our iniquities and heal our wounds.
  • It was Love that fulfilled the prophecies and sent John ahead of Jesus to make way for the One he was unworthy to bend tie his sandal.
  • It was Love that proved Himself through signs, miracles, and wonders.
  • It was Love who revealed the heart of the Father in the life of the Son through words and actions and relationships.
  • Finally, it was Love who fulfilled the requirements for our justification--- Jesus who without sin gave Himself over to death so that we could have life.
Love so deep that we can only be filled with the wonder of it.  I waited so long in my own life to allow Love to undo me, to overtake me, to seize me.  It's depths I feel are so much longer and higher and deeper and wider than I could ever conceive in this heart of mine.  Everyday is an opportunity to dig deeper to love beyond all measure.  This is an especially good day for that. Thank you Jesus for being willing to the point of death, even death on a cross for the world-----and for me.


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