Living for Just Before

"There is a moment, a simple moment, before history gets recorded.
Before it goes in the books.
Before it appears as a question on a game show.
Or on a midterm exam.
A moment right before the headline is written.
There is a moment when history lives in the present.
When we can watch it unfold in real time, right before our eyes.
And we can all assume our place in it.
Some people live for history.
We live for the moment just before."
                 Source: transcripts
It takes courage to move toward the God who has moved toward you;  courage to risk what you know for what could be. It takes the courage in the moment just before what you do becomes your history.  Every simple moment matters. As a friend who signs his emails "m" says, "It's the little moments that matter." Moment by moment our lives, become at the end of the day, history. Oh, to live those moments under the power of the Holy Spirit, to assume our places in the moment before history is made. May the history of our lives teach well the faithfulness and goodness of our Great God who was and is and is to come.


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